Bjørn is specialised in people and documentary photography and currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Over the years he expanded his skills by working on different projects and created his own style and language in his self-taught photography, which is the reason for most of his clients to work with him.

Bjørn loves to meet new and interesting people, always heading for creative and challenging projects.
Besides, he enjoys vegan food, good music (on vinyl), running, yoga, travelling and nature.


  • AIOD Deutschland
  • Allianz, Gladbeck
  • Barbers Concept
  • Captured Live
  • Dior, Düsseldorf
  • DSV & DTM
  • EZW – Entrepreneurship Zentrum Witten
  • face It
  • Farm Eins
  • Flexi Lexi Yogawear
  • Frank Berzbach
  • Haus des Guten Geschmacks
  • Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz
  • Lookabe
  • Mac Cosmetics, Essen
  • Miland „Mille“ Petrozza, Kreator
  • Nicole Just
  • Natumi
  • Pirol Furnituring
  • Stern Magazin
  • Steve & Stella
  • Syltiges
  • Tofutown
  • Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath
  • VEBU e. V.
  • Willpower Running